…it all started in Geneva with singing teacher Vivianne Zlomke; a couple of years of basic singing technique combined with choir singing and I was ready to join the Atelier Lyrique: Gioco Vocale; where I spent two years training my triple thread and improving my stagecraft. Some master classes taken in Bienne with mezzo sorpano Lani Poulson pushed me. I dared to explore the entire length of my voice. I worked on and with it from low range to top in the most organic way possible.

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That, coupled with intensive coaching with William Girard in Stuttgart helped me polish my singing in German as well as English. A close collaboration with barytone, Sylvain F. Muster in Neuchâtel led me to win the public prize in Canari Singing Competition, in Corsica. We then worked together, a year later, on his Children’s Opera: Renart, in Lausanne, where I could act, sing and dance in aerial silks for the first time in one same show. In Florence with dramatic soprano Patrizia Morandini I mastered my singing in Italian. I began to understand the range of colors in my voice and how to use, then to enhance my dramatic interpretation, which I was able to practice on local projects with «Florence Opera» for two years.

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For the past year and a half I participated in master classes with parisian teacher Nicole Fallien and with stage director and coach Frederic Faye. I also debuted lead roles in
small productions, as well as smaller parts in bigger productions, in various theaters around Europe.

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